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Is Your Property Ready To Be Sold?

1. Are market conditions good?

2. Does it make sense financially with the balance of your mortgage?

3. Have you made the necessary updates?

4. Is your property clean and decluttered?

5. Have the grounds been maintained and are they properly landscaped?

6. Are you properly priced? (If a property doesn't sell it's because it isn't properly priced)

7. Is the property easy to show?


Do You Have All The Necessary Documents?

1. Deed

2. Title Report

3. Mortgage/Loan Info

4. Latest Property Tax Statement

5. Home Owner's Insurance

6. Condo Documents (if applicable)

7. Rental Leases (if applicable)

8. Lead Disclosure


How Much Are Real Estate Commissions?

Typically a real estate commission is between 4% - 5% with 2% - 2.5% going to the buying brokerage and 2% - 2.5% going to the listing brokerage.